Happy 1st Birthday Wishes, Messages, And Quotes For Your Cutie Pie 

The first birthday of your baby is as special as them, as you will cherish it for a lifetime. The first birthday memories stay with you forever, and it becomes your child’s best part of life as they grow up. As important as it is to celebrate the birthday in the best possible way, it is also vital to wish your baby girl/baby boy in the best manner to express your love for them. Check out these amazing 1st Birthday Wishes to ensure you say out your feelings in the best manner.

For kid's 1st birthday

Wishes For Your Lovely Kid For their First Living Year

Your cutie pie has completed his first year of existence on Earth. This year, he has provided you with immense love and happiness. Tell the world how you feel on their first birthday with these outstanding 1st Birthday Wishes for your lovely kid on completing their first living year. 

  • Happy first birthday to the light of my heart and the angel God blessed our family with.
  • Today marks the completion of the first year of your presence in our lives, and every second of this year was filled with joy and wonder. Happy birthday baby, and thankyou for bestowing us with such happiness!
  • On your first birthday, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. Happy birthday cutie pie!
  • A year ago, you came into our lives to cast the unending light of love and happiness on the whole family. Celebrating a whole year of this happiness with you today. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
  • My baby turns one today! Happy birthday to the sweetest, cutest and the best 1-year-old in the world.
  • Happy first birthday to my baby. Hope your little heart always stays full of kindness, empathy and love for others, and your cute smile stays intact forever.
  • This is a very special day for us as a year ago on this day, God blessed us with the best gift of our lives. Happy first birthday, my angel!
  • Since you have come into our lives, I cannot imagine a single day where I would have to wake up without seeing your smile. Happy birthday my precious child.
  • No gift can ever be bigger than the gift of your presence you have bestowed us with for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday my culture pie!
  • You are my special baby, and everything related to you must be super-special especially your first birthday. Happy birthday, baby doll!
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First Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

Baby girls are precious, and they must be given the utmost love and care since their childhood so that they can give back their love to the world when they grow up. Celebrating your baby girl’s 1st Birthday and wishing her in the most amazing way is as important as teaching them good values to succeed in life. Below are a few outstanding birthday wishes for 1 year old baby girl

  • You are the princess of hearts, and I hope you keep reigning the world with that super-cute smile of yours! Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • With you near me always, God bestowed me with the best sight ever! Happy birthday my little princess.
  • Happy birthday sugar plum. Everyday, you add more sweetness to our lives!
  • Happy first birthday to our darling little angel. Please don’t grow up so fast!
  • Happy birthday, doll. This is probably the first time you will eat cake. To many more happy birthdays, and many more delicious cakes ahead!
  • You turned one in a blink of an eye, and I am as sad as I am happy about it! Happy birthday to me, baby girl, who will always remain a sweet little doll for me.
  • Today is the birthday of my precious baby girl, and I will make sure she is extremely busy the whole day- unwrapping gifts, blowing out candles and having a lot of fun!
  • Happy birthday my princess. I hope you do not throw tantrums today, and let us celebrate your birthday like a dreamy affair!
  • Having you in my life was a life-changing experience- from sleepless nights to your very first moments- but it was all worth it! Happy birthday little angel!
  • Dear daughter, no matter how many ups and downs life throws at me, your smile will always give me the strength to clear all hurdles in life! Happy first birthday to you, thanks for existing!
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1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

Everyone in the family loves baby boys and adores them. They are the apple of everyone’s eyes, and thus, their birthdays are like festivals for the whole family. Therefore, wishing them in a good way is vital for the parents and all others in the family. 

  • Happy birthday my little munchkin. I do not know what to get you this birthday, as no gift can be equal to you - the biggest gift of our lives.
  • Our first year with you has been the most special time of our lives, and we cannot thank you enough for being a part of our lives. Happy birthday my baby boy.
  • Today is the day you will not remember, but we will cherish it for the rest of our lives! Happy birthday to my dotting son!
  • Happy birthday to the sweetest baby boy ever, the apple of our eyes and the shining light in our hearts!
  • You are the little bundle of love, joy, and happiness that we were starving for ages! Happy birthday my little champ!
  • Happy birthday to my little champ. A special baby like you deserves the world, but you will have to be satisfied only with a scooter this year!
  • Happy birthday to my boy, who I am training to be my best friend when I grow up!
  • Your birthday is the day your mother and I have been waiting for many years to celebrate it with pomp and flair! Happy birthday my dear son!
  • Happy birthday to my son. I am and will always be proud of you, no matter what path you choose in life!
  • You are an amazing son full of empathy, and you deserve all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday to my amazing baby boy!
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Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Dad

It is said that daughters are closest to their fathers, and sons are closest to their mothers. With having a daughter, the urge to protect her and keep her happy and safe in all cases is unending. Dads always wish the best for their daughter, and keeping this in mind, below are a few beautiful birthday wishes for one year old baby girl daughter from Dad.

  • Happy birthday to the sweetest girl in my life. You are my princess, and I aim to give you all the happiness in the world today and forever!
  • Happy birthday to the most important piece of my heart. I love my babygirl and wish she remains the same always.
  • Happy 1st birthday to my daughter. I wish to cherish all moments with you until one day you will have a boyfriend and spend more time with him!
  • To my dear baby girl, on your birthday, I send you Hugs and Kisses and Happy First Birthday Wishes!
  • Happiest first birthday, my dearest daughter. I am sure the future holds great things for you, but I will be there to guide you forever, just in case!
  • On your first birthday, I just want you to know that you \are loved immensely by all of us! Happy birthday dear daughter.
  • Happy birthday sweetheart. Enjoy your birthday and your life to the best until you will be drowned in academics and career!
  • Many, many happy returns of the day to my lovable and amazing babygirl. We are sure you will continue making everyone proud, always.
  • Congratulations on unlocking the first chapter of your life, and I wish you lots of such happy and healthy years ahead! Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • Happy birthday my baby girl. Today, my phone will be filled with videos as I want to capture all the sweet memories of your super special day!
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Wishes From Father To Son On 1st Birthday

Sons are the lineage of the family, who are responsible for taking care of the whole family. However, in childhood, parents need to give them a lot of care and importance and, most importantly, love, to ensure they become strong and wise when they grow up. Mentioned below are a few heart touching and special wishes from father to son for 1st Birthday Wishes. 

  • Today is the birthday of my cute little handsome boy, and I aim to make it the most memorable celebration ever! Happy birthday son!
  • Dear son, you may be just one year old, but the impact you have on our lives is equivalent to years of happiness! Happy birthday my boy!
  • On your birthday, I wish you unending happiness, unparalleled success and loads of joy in every moment of your life. Happy birthday dear son!
  • The warmest birthday greetings to my amazing boy. May the carefreeness and happiness you hold today stay with you for the rest of your life!
  • Dear little champ, may every year of your life be as amazing and happy-go-lucky as the first one. Happy birthday to you!
  • Happy birthday my baby boy. Whether you turn one, ten or eighteen, you will always remain my cute little bundle of joy!
  • This birthday, we aim to spoil you with everything you want! Happy birthday my dear son!
  • Happy first birthday! In a few years, you will be a big boy, and I am excited to be a part of your growth journey!
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Top 10 Creative Ideas To Celebrate Your Infant’s Birthday

Celebrating the birthday of their infant in the best way is the dream of all parents and couples. If you too wish to make the first birthday ever of your little child super-special, below are a few ways in which you can do the same. 

Themed Party

In trend today are themed parties, in which you can choose a theme of your own and ensure that the decoration and the costumes match the theme. 

Unique Cake

Having a special cake is important for the first birthday of your child. Choose the cake theme they adore the most, or a cake that matches the overall theme of your child’s birthday. 

Memories Film

Capture all the important moments of the birthday in a video and make an amazing memory film out of it. You can also click a lot of pictures. 

Personalised Gift

Give your child a personalised gift that will make them super happy and excited. This gift will be remembered for a lifetime, so it better be special! 

Special Wishes

Ensure that you wish your child in the most special way everywhere so that you and they can cherish these memories when they grow up. 


Have a photoshoot with a special theme or multiple themes to make the birthday party even more special and exciting. All family members must participate in the photoshoot. 

Props and Dresses

What makes a birthday party more special and fun are props and dresses. You can ask the attendees to wear themed dresses and keep amazing props which will make your child super-happy. 

A Gift to Remember

Bestow your child with a gift that they will remember for a lifetime. You can give them golden studs with an ear piercing, a cute diamond bracelet, or any substantial thing which they will find useful when they grow up. 

Destination Party

If you want to have an extravagant birthday bash, you can plan a destination party where you and your close family and relatives can plan a trip to an exotic destination to celebrate your baby’s birthday. 

Pool Party

Children love pool parties, and so do adults. Have a beach-themed party with a pool to make sure your child’s first birthday becomes extremely memorable. 

Final Words

We congratulate you on the first birthday of your infant! We hope our birthday messages helped you express everything you wanted to tell the world about your love for your child. We know that words are never enough to display your emotions regarding your child’s love, but these 1st birthday wishes will surely let you come close to that feeling.