100+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Are you looking to surprise your GF with a beautiful birthday message? We have the best collection of happy birthday wishes for a girlfriend to help a person like you in need.birthday-wishes-for-girlfriend

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

No words can truly match the beautiful moments you share with your girlfriend. These romantic messages try to recapture some of the magic and ardor you feel when you are together. In fact, what better way to wish your girlfriend on her birthday than to recapitulate what she means to you?

  • I bind myself to you, and every year, your birthday won’t just be a count of your age, but a count of the time we have grown together. Happy birthday to the girl who is the cause of my evolution.
  • Thanks to the new slew of vampire romances, most people wish that they could be immortal. But there is no way I could face the void of eternity without you by my side. Happiest return to the one with whom I could face anything in this world.
  • I still remember the day my eyes chanced upon you- I felt as if I had strayed into a dream, into a fantastical realm. You stood in front of me as though you were a sprite, a luminous being from beyond this world’s reach. Happiest returns of the day to my fairytale.
  • You have helped me find myself in the dark void of life. When I see myself through your eyes, I feel invincible. For gifting me that kind of vision, for allowing myself to see my real self, thank you, and happy birthday to the one who found me.
  • To have the love of the woman I love, to have your shoulders to rest on- there is no greater joy for me in this world. Happiest returns to you- you are my respite from the world.
  • Happiest birthday to you honey! I have loved you in the ages beyond the one we live in, and I have met you in my dreams. My soul recognized yours before I knew who you were. Happy birthday to you, my destiny.
  • We might not know what stuff souls are made of, but I know for certain that yours and mine are designed from the same. You are not just soulmates, you are a twin soul of mine that was ripped away from me, and now that you are here, I am whole again. On your birthday, I wish you nothing but absolute joy like the kinds you have shown me.
  • Loving you has taught me that it is nothing to do about getting something. Love is all about giving because the act itself is one that produces joy within. Happy birthday dearest, and I will always give you my all, I just hope that you will always be happy to receive it.
  • You walked into my life like some fairy spirit, floating on clouds of happiness, and like a fairy godmother, turned my dull monochrome life into a joyous celebration. You transformed me, an ordinary person, into someone bordering on extraordinary. Thank you, and happy birthday to you, my magical sprite.
  • You are beautiful- but as I get to know you more, I see the beauty on the inside. Your goodness, your kindness, your intelligence…and all these are more precious to me. Happy birthday to the woman I work hard every day to deserve.
  • I am not affluent- I might not be able to afford the latest phones, but my shoulders aren’t bowed by the world’s pressures because you ease my pains. My heart has found its companion and my spirit has attained Nirvana. If anything, with you by my side, I am the richest man in the world. Happy birthday, my treasure.
  • What else is the end goal of love but to be together wrinkled and old? This dream of mine does not include sports cars and Cinderella shoes, but it does involve oodles of happiness, peace, joy, and a lifetime of memories. Happy birthday to you- my hope, and my future.
  • Love doesn’t understand logic, promises, the past, what is write or wrong. It is simply a mad dash towards the person who haunts your dreams because without them, the world means nothing, even the significance of the universe is nullified. Once you have gazed upon the fair face of your paramour there is no going back- so cheers my love on your birthday, unreasonably, I shall fight all odds to stay with you as long as you’d want me.
  • The stars in the sky, the red sun dipping into a bloody ocean…nothing feels meaningful if you are not here to share it with me. When you are, even the roadside trash starts to look like an impressionist painting. Happy birthday to the one makes everything shine brighter.
  • I do not want a fancy relationship full of exotic, dramatic moments calculated to give you a heart attack. I want normal, cozy, comfortable. You, sweetheart, have now become my ‘normal’. My life without you in it is unfathomable for me because all in it has your mark on it. Many happy returns to the one who makes this life palatable.
  • I am ordinary- no billboards flash my face to the masses, nor do any great works of literature regale the public with my legend. However, in winning your love and sweet presence in my life, I have won as gloriously as any luminary to walk this earth. Happiest returns to you- you have made my life grand.
  • It would be bizarre to say that I love you. Do I love oxygen? Perhaps not, and yet I wouldn't be alive without it. You help me breathe, you help me realize that I was cloistered all my life in an unbreathable environment and you are my first gasp of fresh air. Happiest birthday cheers to you love.
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Short Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Sometimes you just don’t want to prattle on and on about the unmatched and inimitable virtues of your girlfriend. These wishes are short, to the point, and capture the soul of your relationship – all the while guaranteeing to summon a smile to her face.

  • Happy birthday sugar! You are my whole world, and you sweeten every bitter memory in it.
  • I give you the best of me to keep you happy and I admire the best in you -it keeps me going in the dark moments of my life. Happy birthday sunshine!
  • Perfection in a person inspires jealousy; it is the imperfections that make us human and therefore inspire ardor and amity. Happy birthday to you my dearest.
  • I might not be able to fill your home with expensive things, but I promise to always keep it filled with friendship, warmth, laughter, and love. Happy returns honey!
  • You have the health of my heart in your hands. Treat it softly, for it is not one habituated in being given away. Happiest returns to the keeper of my heart.
  • Happy birthday to the one who makes my waking days better. You are a spirit that exists only in dreams, and I am ecstatic at the chance to have you by my side, a part of my reality.
  • Being with you has taught me what it means to be truly gratified. Thank you, and happiest returns of the day to my fulfillment.
  • You are my source of energy, my essence. I feed on your light because without it I am nothing. Happy birthday my lifeline.
  • I might have been blinded by you when I first met you, but I continue to be with you with my eyes wide open. I see how wonderful you are, every day of the week. Happy birthday my wonder girl!
  • I simply wish that our love is one for the ages and that we may grow, become better people together than we are apart. Happy birthday partner!
  • You are my teammate, the one who has my back no matter the situation. We could rule the world together if we put our mind to it. Happy Birthday my miracle.
  • You are my mirror: You reflect back what doesn’t work, and what is already amazing. Thank you for always being true with me. Many cheers for your birthday!
  • If yours is the only thing I was left with, I wouldn't mourn the loss. If I gained everything but lost you, I would have nothing. Happy birthday, you are legitimately everything.
  • Our fate was always entwined no matter where the dice rolled. Happy birthday to you, my fortune.
  • Even when you see the strangest parts of me, you don’t just tolerate it, you celebrate it. Being with you has taught me to be proud of my truest self so thank you, birthday girl. Happiest returns of the day to you.
  • Happiest returns of the day my loveliest. I am so proud of you- not only of what you are, but also of everything I know you will become.
  • I exist where you touch me, and in other places, I am smoke. Happiest returns of the day to the one who makes me real.
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Heart touching and Emotional Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

The time spent with your girlfriend, and the memories built, all command a wave of nostalgia and love whenever you think about it. So, for her birthday, why not tell her exactly how she makes you feel deep inside? These heart-touching and emotional messages are bound to move her, and score you some brownie points!

  • By the roll of fate’s dice, I found you. But it is with dedication that we have built our relationship, and with absolute faith and deep love that we shall continue to grow. Many many happy returns to you, and cheers to growth!
  • Life isn’t easy, and neither are relationships. Making us work, surviving everything till we are old, isn’t going to be easy- in fact, it is guaranteed to be difficult. But I am committed to us, and I want to wake up every day and choose you, choose to work hard for us, and our future. Happy birthday- may we have many more birthdays to celebrate together.
  • Most people are willing to die for another that they love. But I think it’s easy- there is nothing after death, no pain, no messiness, no life. So, I ask you, will you live for me? Will you face the daily frustrations, the indignities that come with being a living breathing human? Happy birthday to you, sweetheart, may our life be blessed.
  • Ours is the kind of love that people wish on shooting stars for. To be yours is a divine chance, and one that is my utter privilege to be afforded. Happy birthday to you, you truly are my only real chance at happiness.
  • My one promise to you is this: Whatever we suffer, we suffer together. Our joys, our moments of beauty- all have meaning because I have the opportunity to share it with you. My sorrows are bearable because you soothe me, and my tragedies lose their edge when you are with me. Happy birthday my peacemaker.
  • My dearest, I love you in the real way that exists beyond moments of infatuation. My love for you has shaken me, it erupted like a volcano, destroying all that I thought was real. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart, it is unfathomable how you have changed me, and broken the stiff mold of a selfish past.
  • You sweetheart, you are like the sun. You illumine everything in my life, and bring life to feelings long dead withing me. Your presence, like the sun, I feel even if I’m not always with you, and you warm my heart so that I can survive the darkness when you aren’t here. Happy birthday my sunshine!
  • You are a danger to me, for my heart stops when in your presence. You are divinely graceful, innocently beautiful, with an incisive intelligence.
  • You are the kind of beauty that men go to war for. Your face’s glow matches the light within you, and your kindness shines through those doe-like eyes. Happy birthday to my girl- I’d recreate the battle of Troy for you.
  • You are a faiery, a sprite, an illusion come into my life to torture me with fantasies of a forever. I am bound to you by a desire bred in my soul. I will be forever grateful that you deigned to look upon a simple mortal like me. Happy birthday my fairy queen, I shall forever be indebted to you.
  • It was not a coincidence that we met- so many small details had to go right for us to be in that exact place at the right time for us to meet. Happy birthday to you my precious, you are a part of my destiny, and it was providence that I had to meet you. Without it, my journey in this life wouldn’t be complete.
  • Houses made with bricks and mortar can never become a home. For me, the only home is where you are, because it is where I can lay my head down and truly rest. Happy birthday to my comfort zone.
  • You have given me a reason to look beyond myself. You have broken me out of my preoccupation with myself, and my sorrows and focus on someone else, to learn to worry about someone else more than myself. This growth has allowed me to be free of my anxieties, of a narrowed view of existence and permitted me to live a freer life. Happy birthday to you, my savior.
  • I did not know it, but I was searching for you all my life. It was only at the moment I met you that I realized that you were always there in my heart. Happy birthday to you, my dream.
  • Today I wanted to thank you, because you are my freedom. You have freed me; you have freed my soul by simply accepting and appreciating me for who I am. The world creates boxes within which to stuff the descriptions of a person; mine never fit me. It wasn’t till you saw the real me, and were delighted by its existence, that I realized that I could exist beyond the expectations of society.
  • What is the point of a love that doesn’t give itself up to the object of its affection, completely and irrevocably? What is the point of holding back trust, testing each other, when you could simply let go, and belong absolutely and completely to another? Happiest birthday darling, I am ecstatic to belong so completely to you.
  • Love isn’t an amalgamation of ornate words picked from Instagram posts- it is an assemblage of small moments of sacrifices, compassion, and thoughtfulness. My Rom-com jargon might not be extensive, but my love is.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Relationships can be passionate, stormy, intense. Sometimes however, in the midst of those powerful, perhaps life-changing moments, are instants that endear your partner to you. Whether it is an especially adorable story, or the way they flick their hair, or the funny faces they make- you can’t help but melt at how cute they can be. These cute birthday wishes help you to hold on to those especially endearing moments for your girlfriend’s special day.

  • I would walk on burning coals, fly atop the coldest mountains if it meant that I can spend this life with you. Happy birthday to my hope for the future.
  • You are human, and therefore flawed. But to me, you are a goddess and therefore absolutely and wholly faultless. Happy birthday to my deity.
  • My sweetheart, happy birthday to you- please know that even if we were at the Louvre staring at the Mona Lisa, I would still stare only at you because there is no man-made art that can match the perfection that is you.
  • With you, I revert back to a little boy- a child without defenses, absolutely vulnerable, and expecting only adoration. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart, and thank you for creating such a safe place for me in your world.
  • Without you, my life is like a barren tree in the winter. You bring life and color into my greyscale existence. Happy birthday to you baby!
  • It might seem impossible at this moment, but my feelings keep growing for you. At any given moment, my heart feels full, as if it couldn’t hold anymore. Then you wiggle your toes or crinkle your nose, and my heart bursts with a greater intensity of love than I ever thought possible. Happy birthday to you, my sunshine!
  • Being the first is overrated. Being the first man in your life would mean to be forever in the fear of you leaving. But being your last- now that is what I want. Because I get to ride the roller coaster of life with you holding my hand. Happy birthday love- you hold my hand, and I got you.
  • You are my fairytale: You are the princess who dashed through my life, and changed it all- and now I want you to be my queen. Happy birthday your highness!
  • There is no magic greater than love, and this I have recognized by your mere presence in my life. Happy birthday my magical being!
  • Your love is like the warmth of the sun on a cold, dreary morning. It is as refreshing as sip of water after a near death stroll in the desert, and as magical as snow on Christmas night. Happy birthday to you my beautiful, mad, magical girl!
  • I was a lost cause from the moment I met you; I never looked back, never checked to see if I should jump into this madness willy-nilly. However, much like Alice in wonderland, your love has opened up a new world for me. Happy birthday my nirvana!
  • After you came into my life, I realized that I was never truly living. You have given new purpose to my life, and for that, I am eternally gratified. Happy birthday to you- I hope I can return the favor as well.
  • You are not my everything- you are my crowning achievement, the cherry on top of the cake. Happy birthday my queen.
  • Your comely smile could melt the ice queen- so what does it do to a mere mortal like me? This is why I am completely under your influence. Happy birthday sunshine. Your smile lights up my life, and I am left in utter despair when it’s gone.
  • Your happiness is fundamentally a part of my own. It is impossible for me to be comfortable, happy, or even function when you are feeling down. Happy birthday, sweetheart, cheers to that smile never dimming.
  • The way you crinkle your nose when you disagree with me, the way your eyebrows question my motives, the way your toes tap your frustrations out… even when it is contrary to me, I find it the sweetest thing in the world.
  • Meeting you was destiny’s game, become friends was an obvious choice, but falling for you was a trust fall- a blind descent into needing you. Happiest birthday to my girl!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Relationships are meant to be filled with laughter, jokes, and tons of teasing. So, why be serious on the birthday of your beloved? Check out these Birthday wishes for some special birthday cheer. Women love comedy, which is why these funny birthday wishes are bound to make her fall even more for you!

  • Considering how my heart stops every time I see you, I can legitimately say that you are a mortal danger to me. Dying for you doesn’t seem like much of an impossibility for me. Happy birthday to you, my death wish!
  • I will give you my heart, my soul, my home, and whatever else you want; just don’t steal the fries off my plate, or eat all my chips. If you do, I will be forced to declare nuclear war between us. Happy birthday my sweetheart, please share your birthday cake with me.
  • I seem to have been struck by a madness of the permanent kind- you. Happy birthday my crazy woman! You are mad, and you have sucked me into your vortex of insanity by way of your charming smiles and fantastical promises. You for me are everything- my reason to live, my reason to wake up in the morning. I hope that for you I am at the very least, at second place- after chocolates. I’d be rather disappointed if both coffee and chocolate took precedence over me, since for me, you are my chocolate. Happy birthday my sweet!
  • You for me are everything- my reason to live, my reason to wake up in the morning. I hope that for you I am at the very least, in second place- after chocolates. I’d be rather disappointed if both coffee and chocolate took precedence over me since, for me, you are my chocolate. Happy birthday my sweet!
  • I have no wish for our relationship to look like a romantic movie. We might expect the Notebook, but then end up dying like the Titanic. I might care about you, but not enough to drown in frigid water. Happy birthday dearest!
  • You are not the most important thing in my life- that’s my puppy. You come in a close second though. Happy birthday to you from me and the little one!
  • Love is life wi-fi: it keeps us connected even when we are not near, and like the internet, keeps us entertained and distracted with jokes. Happy birthday to you; I always panic when our signal is dodgy, so please come closer and tell me we are connected.
  • Love is blind and our relationship is an obvious testament to it. Happy birthday to you; may we continue being blind to each other’s flaws forever.
  • I did try to get you the moon, but NASA wouldn’t let me. I would get you the stars but apparently doing so might end the earth. Loos like we are left with no option but to simply stare up at the night sky like everyone else. Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • Relationships are like eating with chopsticks: looks cool, looks easy- till you try it and end up stabbing everything in sight. Happy birthday to you sweetheart, it might not be easy but now I really want the sushi, so I am committed.
  • My most dazzling accomplishment till date has been to convince you that I am in fact sane enough for you to be my girlfriend. The only tragedy is that I can’t use it to augment my CV. Happy birthday my wonderful girl!
  • You truly are my heart’s desire. My brain didn’t approve but he got over ruled by my heart, and here we are. And the worst part? You have now stolen my heart and I have nothing left. Happy b-day my dream!
  • How do I know that I truly love you? Our weirdness has devolved from socially awkward to whatever the donkey in Shrek thinks is normal. When even imaginary creatures run from what you mutually find hilarious, that is when you know it’s real. Happy birthday monster, let’s continue weirding everyone out.
  • Are you sure you don’t need glasses? You chose me as a partner, and it feels slightly impossible if your vision isn’t at least a little hazy. Anyway, if it is a vision problem, I hope you never decide to get glasses- we should probably go to the movies more often. Happy birthday love, I truly don’t deserve you, but happy to keep you here.
  • Why you decided to take pity on me and rescue me from the mess of bachelorhood, I will never know. But whatever divine providence moved you to do it, I am extremely thankful. Happy b-day my savior!
  • I am glad I found you, because relationships call for celebrations all of which require cake. Bachelorhood isn’t very conducive to cakes. Happy birthday to you sweetheart, save the cake for me please.
  • Happiest returns of the day partner! For me, love is when Netflix and chill means falling asleep together in front of a movie you both wanted to watch desperately. And I promise to never wake you up to finish the movie.

Happy Birthday Messages for Long Distance Girlfriend

Being apart from your girlfriend can be one of the hardest tests you might have to go through in your life. But though they come with their own set of challenges, coming back together is just as phenomenal. So, even though you are far, take heart and use these birthday wishes to make your girl’s birthday that much more special.

  • You have stolen my heart and my spirit which means that though we are geographically apart, these essential parts of my being remain with you- in your custody. Happy birthday my beautiful custodian.
  • I am willing to suffer eons alone in the cold darkness if it means that I can call you mine, and once in a while, get to have you here with me. Happy birthday from afar, sweetheart.
  • I know how many seconds exist in an eternity, because the distance between now, and when I see you again is one eternity- you can be sure that I have been counting each and every second of it, waiting for us to reunite. Happy birthday to you, my eternity.
  • Distances measured in miles are worth nothing. The distance between two hearts is what truly matters, and as long as you are in my heart, this distance means nothing. My dearest, happiest birthday to you, you are never far from my thoughts.
  • We might not be able to hold hands for our desired stretch of time, but we can definitely keep each other’s hearts for an eternity. Happy birthday to you, my beloved, and remember that our spirits and hearts aren’t separated at all.
  • Love is something that soars above the highest obstacles, and cuts through the deepest pains. Happy birthday to you love and remember, no matter how far you might be from me physically, just know that our love connects our hearts together.
  • Happy birthday hon! Every day when I wake up, even though you aren’t here, I am happy. It is simply because even without your physical presence, my reality is grander than my dreams.
  • A relationship isn’t measured in kilometers, it is measured in the number of beats my heart skips when I hear your voice, it is measured in the kind deeds and thoughts, it is measured in the amount of effort we put in to be together. In the latter, we are winning, and that is all that matters. Thank you, baby, for making such an effort too. Happy birthday and it’s not very far now that we are together again.
  • I may be far from you but my heart is at home in your keeping. It is snug and warm, enveloped in your love, so what real reason do I have to complain? If you being far is the price I have to pay for me to have you in my life, so be it. Your presence is still the most precious thing to me. Happiest returns, precious.
  • Happy birthday dearest. I know that it is painful to not have me by your side on such a special day and that this necessity for us to be apart makes it painful. However, it is also this distance that makes us realize how intensely we need each other. The pain of not being together is what teaches us to never take each other for granted.
  • I cannot do without you even though you are so far away. When you are near me, it is like I’m in the presence of the very sun itself. Happy birthday sun, I just hope that this distance doesn’t drag on for much longer.
  • Life is tough, and before I met you, I would panic, and choke at the mere thought of a future and a 10-year plan. Now, I welcome the future because it means that the distance between us wouldn't exist anymore. Happy birthday to you- you are my future and my hope.
  • Without you, I cannot breathe. Every time we have to part, I feel like I’m holding in my breath till I see you again.
  • It is physically painful being in this void you leave behind. But I suppose it is selfish to want it all for myself, and I know that where you are, you bring great joy to those around you, as you do for me. Happiest returns, my sunshine.
  • It's incredible how you, from such a distance, are more attuned to my emotional fluctuations than those right next to me. For me, this is obvious proof that love has nothing to do with proximity and everything to do with your heart. Happiest birthday deary, in spirit, I am haunting every step of yours.
  • Distances are good, important even. This time, right now, is extremely important in laying the foundation of our relationship. It proves that we can stay together, and accept the divergent needs of the other without losing love for them. In short, it simply means that for me, your needs are more important to me than even being together- there is nothing more vital than your growth. Happiest returns of the day sweetheart, I hope we can continue to grow together.
  • My soul craves you like a man in a desert. This distance makes it obvious how much my life is drained of life without you. Happiest returns my lifeline.