About Us

Hello, we are a team of two at Birthday-Wishes.net. We create fun birthday wishes, beautifully designed greeting images and post them on our website for your enjoyment. Confused about who’s writing this? Well, here’s a little more information on each of us so you can get to know us better.

About Writer & The SEO Manager:

rohitI’m Rohit, I’m the SEO Manager &  Content Writer here at Birthday-Wishes.net. I’ve been in this business for over ten years now. I love creating cool and fun websites, just like the one you’re looking at right now.

You can get in touch with me on Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohitink/

About The Designer:

I’m Hannah. I’m the designer for this team of two! On my blog, you’ll find that Birthday-Wishes.net offers far more than just plain old text on cards. I make each card and image look like art, so you can save them and hang them on your wall after the day of your birthday! 

Now that you know us better, we hope you’ll feel more comfortable using our services. If not – just tell us what’s wrong and we’ll fix it up for you. We’re always looking for ways to improve our website, so if there’s anything at all that you’d suggest then please don’t hold back from letting us know.