50+ Funny and Unique Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Baby girls are special. They often come in the family as an angel and bring a lot of prosperity and happiness to the family with them. Their smile is the cutest and can soften the hardest of hearts. If your baby girl is also precious to you, we understand how difficult it is to express your love and emotions for her on her special day.

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Therefore, we have come up with some unique, funny and super-cute wishes for your adorable baby girl, which you can use to wish her on any platform. 

Blessings for Baby Girl on Her Birthday

Baby girls are known to fill your life with love, and make you an emotional and compassionate human being. Having a daughter makes you strong yet sensitive at the same time. You must always be thankful to her for being a part of your life. Especially on her birthday, you must bless her with the best birthday wishes for baby girl so that she knows how special she is.

  • Happy birthday baby girl. You are the best gift God could bestow us with, and we aim to cherish you for the rest of our lives.
  • Dearest daughter, we are lucky to have an angel like you as an inevitable part of our family. You make the days shinier and brighter, and the nights more peaceful! Happy birthday to you.
  • May each day of your year and each year of your life be as special as your are! Happy birthday baby girl!
  • Every year, you grow a little and I miss your older self a little more. However, I am lucky you witness you turning into a beautiful girl with each passing day. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • Happy birthday to my baby girl who teaches me new things everyday, and adds more meaning to my life with every breath she takes!
  • Happy birthday to my lovely daughter. The world is a better place for us with you in front of our eyes, always!
  • You add colour and sparkle to the dullest things, just as you have added vigour to our life and each moment of it. Happy birthday dearest daughter!
  • The world tells us how lucky we are to have a gorgeous and cheerful daughter like you. Guess they haven’t seen you in your worst mood throwing tantrums! Happy birthday daughter, we still love you!
  • Happy birthday to my favourite girl in the world, my best friend and my companion in all sorrows and happy moments. I adore you and love you with my whole heart!
  • You are growing taller and stronger with each passing year, but you will always be the sweet little girl for your parents. Happy birthday munchkin!
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Messages For Your Special Baby Girl In The Family

Baby girls come and light up the family and bring immense joy to each member of the family. Every person, including the parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and even the siblings always find out ways to spend more time with the baby girl, as she gives them unparalleled love and joy. If your daughter is also your family’s favorite, you must wish her with these amazing birthday wishes for baby girl. 

  • Since you have come to our house, we have gained a lot and lost a little. You truly are a blessing in disguise for our family. Happy birthday baby girl!
  • Happy birthday to everyone’s favourite, the light of the house and the reason for our biggest happiness- my princess daughter
  • I was my parent’s favourite, until you entered the family to grab everyone’s attention! Happy birthday sweethear, I still love you to the moon and back.
  • When you came into my life, it was the initiation of a new life for me as well. Being your mother is one of the proudest things I have done in my life, and I am forever grateful to you for that! Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • Happy birthday baby girl. You have a pure heart, and the way you care for everyone in the family makes us adore you even more!
  • Just when I think you cannot bring more happiness to the family, you find new ways to make us delighted! Happy birthday baby girl, stay the same, always.
  • You illuminate the lives of all those surround you, and this family is really blessed to have you. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • Happy birthday to the biggest cheerleader me and this family could ever have. I adore how you lighten up everyone’s moods, and may you continue to do this for the rest of your life.
  • Your birth was the changing point for our family, which made us more compassionate and delighted. Happy birthday baby girl!
  • May your special day be brimming with best wishes, love and a lot of cake. Happy birthday baby girl.
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Wishes and Messages for Baby Girl From Father

Fathers are the closest to daughters, and they always work hard to improve their lives and make it special. Also, they vow to protect their girls and give them all the happiness in the world. However, fathers are not very expressive, and are unable to express their love for their daughters quite often. With the help of these glorious birthday wishes for baby girls, you can ensure to remind your daughter of the love you hold for her in your heart! 

  • Happy birthday dearest daughter. Party hard, and may all your wishes come true (except the illegal ones!)
  • Happy birthday to the prettiest girl I have ever seen (even prettier than my wife!) I love you to the moon and back, and vow to bring you all the happiness in the world.
  • You are the second best gift your mother has given me, the first one being her marriage to me. Happy birthday to our special baby girl.
  • You have grown into a confident strong woman, which makes me proud of my parenting and upbringing skills! Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • Happy birthday to the future leader who will surely make the world a better place, just like you have made our lives better!
  • Words cannot describe the love and admiration I have for you in my heart, and I will leave that to our weekend getaways! Happy birthday dearest daughter!
  • Time flies, and I can’t believe my beautiful babygirl has already turned one! Happy birthday to my lovely daughter!
  • I didn’t know how incomplete and meaningless my life was without you, until you came and filled it with love and joy. Happy birthday to our sweet little angel!
  • The last year that I spend listening to your laughters and cries was indeed the most precious time of my life. Happy birthday to my little angel. Please do not grow so fast!
  • Happy birthday baby girl. May you grow up to achieve everything you have ever wished and desired for!
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Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl from Mother

Mothers spend years in pain and problems taking care of and bearing baby girls. Their roles in the lives of the daughters is precious, and vice verse. Mothers love their daughters more than anything, and thus, it is important for a daughter to get the best wish from her mother. With these birthday wishes for baby girl, you can ensure your daughter knows how precious she is for you. 

  • While I alone was too difficult to handle for the family, I gave them another mini-me in the form of you! Together, we make the perfect team! Happy birthday to my cute little angel!
  • Happy birthday to the girl whose birthday was one of the most painful day of my life, and still we celebrate it everyday!
  • Happy birthday dearest daughter. I always wanted to have a baby girl to dress her up in the cutest ways, and you made all my dreams come true!
  • Happy birthday to the cute little girl I use to emotionally manipulate my parents into getting me anything!
  • Since you have started walking, it has become really difficult for us to catch you and keep you still at a place. Happy 2nd birthday to me princess who is most likely becoming a marathon runner!
  • Happy birthday daughter dearest. Each day of your life is a gift for us, and you have presented us with 365 present till date (and many more are still on their way!)
  • Happy birthday to our sweet baby girl. As you turn 18 this year, we would like to remind you to start paying rent from tomorrow onwards. Although, you can enjoy today!
  • Despite of the sleepless nights and the unbearable tantrums you throw at us, we are ready to die for you. I guess this is what parenthood is! Happy birthday daughter dearest!
  • Happy birthday sweetheart. I love how you are turning into this kind, mature and compassionate person with each passing year, and I am proud of you!
  • Happy birthday dear daughter. I wish all the sweetness in the world to my babygirl, who is the most precious person in my life.
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Simple One Liner Birthday Wishes for Her

Wish your daughter the best with these simple and quick one liner birthday wishes for baby girls. You can send them personally, or share on FB, Insta, Whatsapp or any other social media platform that you like. 

  • On your special day, let us remind you how lucky we are to have you in our lives! Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the girl who put me in a constant state of awe since I first laid my eyes on her! I love you!
  • From your warm smile to your kind heart and the cute little things you do, there is so much I love about you. Happy birthday baby girl!
  • To my darling baby doll, I wish your life be filled with good health, love and prosperity. Happy birthday!
  • May your birthday and all other days be as magical as you are! Happy birthday little angel!
  • Your smile has the power to heal anything, and I wish you keep smiling and keep healing whatever comes in your way. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • With a pure soul and a great strength, you are going to be a great person when you grow up. Wishing only the best fr you on your birthday!
  • When I look at you, I cannot imagine what my life would have been without you. Happy birthday to my sunshine!
  • Happy birthday to the bundle of our joy which our family cherishes each day, everyday!
  • Your blissful presence makes each day phenomenal, and we thank God every day to give us an angel like you. Happy birthday sweetheart!
  • Dear little angel, may your quest for knowledge never end and you keep budging up with your silly and logical questions! Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday, we wish that your life be always filled with sunlight and rainbows, and never a dark cloud. Happy birthday!
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Quick And Easy Ideas To Celebrate Your Baby Girl’s Birthday

Children, especially baby girls love their special day, which is their birthday. To ensure that you end up making your special person day even more special, you can take help of the following celebration ideas. 

  • Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes for baby girls and blessings from all members of the family is the first and the foremost thing which adds value to their special day. Ensure everyone wishes them in the e-bay manner. 

  • Themed Cake

Cake is the most important thing in a birthday party, and a themed birthday cake is what your baby girl will surely love. Just decide the theme carefully based on what you girl loves. 

  • Birthday Present

Birthday present or presents from your side will surely make her day more special. Get her something that she has been wanting for long, and she will never forget this special moment. 

  • Princess Themed Party

Baby girls love princesses, and you can have a princess themed party to make her day even more special. You can dress her up as her favorite princess, and ask her friends to do the same. 

Ending Words

Celebrating your baby girl’s birthday in the best manner in her initial years is very important to ensure her a lifetime of memories and happiness. No matter what age she is, you girl will love it when you wish her with the best birthday wishes for baby girl. So make all the necessary preparations for your girl and ensure she has a blast on her birthday!